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Old bronze or brass Boat Parts, fittings,and canoes.


The wheel pictured above has recently been sold, but I have many other old boat parts left over from my boat building and repair days. I brought them to Missouri thinking that I would use them on projects, but I probably will not get to most of them. I bought old classic boats with bad or rotten hulls with the idea of building new boats using the old fitting. While I did do this on a few of them, I still have fittings and rigs for a complete Chesapeake Bay Bugeye. The rig for the Bugeye is complete and includs masts, booms, sails, standing and running rigging,  bowsprit, and many parts and fittings for a 27' Chesapeake bay bugeye named originally Mystic Pearl. I have many 1948 cabin cruiser parts,  brass fittings, portholes, shaft, prop and deck fittings as well. The wheel above is for sale at $150. or best offer.
I have many other antique boat parts. (made when brass fittings were solid). Large items must be picked up by the purchaser. Item prices are negotiable.



Inv # 1 The above is the brass or bronze propeller shaft and log from the 28' Bugeye Mystic Pearl.  the shaft is 7/8" in diameter, 69 3/4" long and weighs about 17.6 Lbs. There is no propeller, but the stuffing box and inner brass log, grease fitting and outer rubber universal joint are included. The Bugeye propeller shaft and fittings is for sale at $ 100.


Inv # 3 The brass hand pumps above came off of either the bugeye or cabin cruiser, but I am not sure which. The smaller brass pump on the left has a 2" diameter body which is 5 1/4" high, a total hight (closed position) of 12". This smaller brass pump has a toggle type nickel coated cast handle and probably came off or the sink. I have not weighed these pumps yet. The medium sized brass pump on the right has a wooden handle, a 1 1/2" diameter, a 9 7/8 body height and a total length hight (closed Position) of 18". I have not weighed these two brass pumps yet. The smaller pump is fore sale at $75. and the larger one for $100.


Inv # 6   I cant't seem to get the above picture to stand up correctly, but it is the mahogany pedistal from the 1948 cabin cruiser Nassau II. It has all of the old internal parts and the guages and throttle lever. The below shot os of the guage pannel. There is some damage to the mahogany in some spots but overall the pedistal looks good and could be used as decoration or on an actual boat. I would like to see $250 or best offer for the mahogany pedistal and wheel set.



Above is the back of the cabin cruiser pedistal.


Inv # 7   The items above are mahogany running light brackets from the bugeye. There are no lamps with this pair. The two sell as a pair for $50.
The items below are brass and include a sliding window prop recently sold, a handle that shifted the transmission at the control pedistal $25) , a through deck cleat and mounting for a runabout $ 20.), and another shot of the brass hand pump with a brass and wood handle ($100).



Inv # 8  Large Bronze Cleat in the middle above has been sold. 

Inv # 9  Large Bronze Chock, also in the above picture, this chock is 1 3/4" by 7" at the base. There is gray paint in the outside and the chock is in good condition. It weighs about 1 lb 15oz. The price of the bronze chock is $25.00 or best offer.

Inv # 10 Deck Vent. The deck vent in this picture has been sold.

Inv # 11  Two Port Windows. The port windows shown on the right side of the above photo do not open, and have Plexiglas sandwiched between the two inner and outer chromed brass surrounds. The chrome has been worn off one of the surrounds in many areas, and in one place on a corner of another. Two have good chrome and could form the show face while the other two could be painted. Each window combination weighs about 2 lb 12 oz and are for sale at  $15.00., or $25.00 for both ports.


Inv # 15  Above is a hand fabricated stainless steel bow anchor pulley, a small stainless steel deck vent, and two brass cabin cruiser engine exhaust vents that go through the transom. The stainless steel anchor pulley has a 3/8" thick base is 9 7/8" long, 2" tall and it has a brass sheave for sale at $45.00. The small deck vent does not have a vent hole, so was probably for show only and is for sale at  $10.00. The two brass exhaust through transom vents should stay as a pair, but are $25.00 apice or $40.00 for the pair.


Inv # 18  The item above is the rudder from the Nassau II. It has brass or bronze shaft and fittings with a steel rudder piece. The rudder stands 32 3/4" tall from base to the top of the shaft. The inner brass shaft has a diameter of 7/8", the outer shaft has a diameter of 1 1/4" and the rudder itself is 16" X 16". the assembly weighs about 24.4 Lbs and is for sale at $25.00. The picture below shows a mahogany hatch cover with brass fittings and vent for $20.00.


I have a complete rig for a Chesapeake Bay Bugeye, which includes Sitca masts booms and bow sprit, sails, running rigging and many brass and galvanized fittings. These parts came from the 27' bugeye Mystic Pearl which I bought in Rhode Island in need of a new hull. The previous owner had disassembled the boat, and could not complete the project. All parts and sails have been in storage for about twenty years, and are in good shape. They would fit well on a new Sam Rabl Polaris bugeye or a Meadowlark type design. .All of the fittings I have for sale separately on this page, or possibly as a package. The buyer would have to cover their own shipping.


Inv # 2 This is a large brass builge pump with a wooden handle that came from the 25' 1948 cabin cruiser "Nassau II" out of Newport Rhode Island. The pump is well made, but appears to be hand made. There is no manufacuring markings. The pump has a diameter of 2 3/4" , has a body hight of 17", a full height length (closed position) of 26" and weighs 13.8 Lbs. This pump is for sale at $150.


Inv # 4  The above items are three stainless steel deck vents that cam fro the bugeye. There may be a fourth one in one of the boxes, but I have not gotten down to the bottom yet. They are $10. apice. The brass hand pump below has brass interior tubes,a wooden and brass handle and is for sale at $100.



Inv # 5  I have two Kenyon Homestrand Marine Stainless Steel alcohol stoves model # 203. These stoves were used on my parents boats in the 1980s. One is in excellent shape and the other has some damage to a corner of one of the two front adjusting wheels. Both appear to be complete. I believe that they are both operational, but they have not been used in around 25 years. They have been in storage in my barn in a trunk with other boat parts. I suspect that one would be usable with the other repairable or for parts. Things like gaskets may need to be replaced, but are available on line. I have the original Kenyon Marine Technical notes with part numbers and assembly information. Refirbished Kenyon Marine stoves go for about $375.00, but I will sell both of my Kenyon marine stoves as a set for $250 or best offer.


Above is the tiller steering bracket from the 28' Chesapeake Bay Bugeye. $25.00 for the tiller steering bracket I have the rudder, masts, booms bowsprit and rigging as well as many other parts from this boat.


These are the two larger exhaust ports from the 1948 Nassau II. These two exhaust ports are brass or bronze. The price is $20.00 apiece or for the pair would be $35.


Inv # 12 Above is a Mahogany Engine Vent that came of of the Bugeye Mystic Pearl. I have many wood details including scroll work and wooden running lights (without the brass lights) and even the mahogany wheel and pedistal. The above vent  is hand made and measures 8 1/8" by 17 1/4". The louvers are painted white but it appears that it was originally varnish, and it is in good condition. It weighs about 1 lb 4 oz, and the price is $ 45.00.


See more pictures and information about my 1954 Penn Yan runnabout by clicking on the Penn Yan tab at the top of the page. This Pen Yan has been sold.


Inv # 14   The above items are a few of the items from the cabin cruiser. They include a nickle plated brass rear light pole (which has been sold),  a horn for sale at $ 50.00 and a spot light (sold)


Inv # 16  The propelers above came off of various boats or motors. They are for sale at $10.00 each or $25.00 for the three of them.


Inv # 17   The item above is the brass or bronze propeller shaft, propeller, log and fittings from the 1948 Nassau II. The shaft is 1 1/4" in diameter, 75" long, has the inner and outer brass or bronze fittings. The propeller is three bladed with a 13" approximate diameter with the markings "Grand Rapids Mich" and the numbers 146H10   S 64 on one side of the hub, and on the other a SN of 78295. The whole assembly weighs about 65 Lbs. The price is $125. for the whole thing.


Inv # 19  The above picture is of a cast navy style anchor. I appears to have a weight of 38 Lbs, but I need to get the actual weight and dimensions. I think
$ 45.00 or best offer on this anchor would work. Below is a steel bullrake used for gathering quohogs in Rhode Island. I used it while working from my 17' Catboat in Narragansett Bay, and it is for sale at $75.00.



The items above are a couple of through hull valve fittings and a wooden fiddlehead. Below are various brass hull opening filters, and a brass block. Prices are negotiable.


Antique Cabin Cruiser parts. I have all of the fittings for a 1948 flush deck cabin cruiser.  There is a complete drive shaft fitting box and three bladed prop that came with this boat. I have the bronze ports, wooden mahogany pedistal, cabin doors, and many other fittings as well. I am in the process of pulling out and inventorying these boat parts. 


This is how the Oldtown looked before hauling it down from the barn.


This is a picture of the Morris and Goodyear as they sat up in my barn.I have sold a red Oldtown not shown.. I have better pictures of these canoes and the work being done on them on the "My Antique Canoes" tab at the top of the page.. I am keeping another one for restoration at this time. This canoe has been fiberglassed, but is otherwise an excellent candidate for restoration, and the interior could be brought back to beautiful condition. This canoe has what appears to be cherry wood breast plates, seats and cross members and was built to an above average quality. There are three frames broken near the top mid section but the canoe is complete and otherwise in good condition with no rot. The canoe has been in barn storage for around 25 years and is complete but the gunnel strips are off the boat and sitting inside. The canoe is probably 80 + years old. I would consider $550.00 for this antique canoe at this time. If it is sold, the buyer would have to come and get it or arrange for shipping.


The red canoe on the right has been sold. The other canoe is the Oldtown that is being worked on in my shop..