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Vintage Camera collection For Sale $250.00 or best offer

The following vintage Camera Collection can be purchased for $300.00 or  best offer, or the cameras can be purchsed individually. The prices shown are negotiable within reason.
The following cameras I accuired from my father, or were owned by me or other family members. I am not much of a photographer or camera buff, so I am not familiar with many of them, but can try to answer questions or take additional shots of the cameras as required. The buyer would need to pay for shipping, but these cameras should fit easily in one of the US postal services fixed rate box sizes. I may be negotiable on prices. The agreed on price is for home pick up. Paypal will also work, but the buyer will pay the Paypal fee and shipping with conformation. You can email me with questions at . These cameras can be purchased separately or as a whole lot for $300.00 or best offer.



  The camera above is a Yashica 44 in good condition.  Yashica – 44 for sale at $175.00

This Yashica-44 is another camera that came to me from my father. It is constructed with metal and has a black wrinkle finish with gray leather ? Inlay on all six sides. It has a custom fitted leather case, Bakelite lens cover and two lenses on the front. The top lens reads Yashikor 1 : 3, 5 = 60mm 392935, and the lower lens reads the same except that the last set of numbers are 393512. Th camera has a jack for remote operation on the front left side and a distance calibration knob on the left side. The Bakelite film winding knob is on the right hand side (facing the back of the camera), and the collapsible metal viewing cover has an additional lens that flips up and an inner cover that flips down so the photographer can view from the back when the camera is mounted on a stand. On the back of the camera is a red viewing port with a sliding cover for reading the number of photos remaining. This camera was made in Japan and is a fine example of Japanese engineering and lens manufacturing. This camera is complete and is in excellent shape. This camera is for sale at $175.00



Kodac Duraflex II focusing lense camera. $ 35.00
The above camera is a Kodak Duaflex II which was also from my fathers collection. It is one of the more rare examples with the adjustable lense. They were built from 1950 to 1954. It is of metal construction with a closing upper viewing port. There are two lenses on the front, with no markings on the upper one, while the lower one reads KODAR f : 72mm and has an adjustable focus. Below the lense is a sliding aperature setting lever adjustable from f/8 to f11 and f16. The neck strap is of black plastic. This camera in in very good condition and is for sale at $35.00 or best offer.


Kodak Brownie Starflash  $20.00 or Best offer
This camera is a Kodak Brownie Starflash. This camera was my own when I went off to Boyscout Camp and it has my name in white marker on the top. Other than that, it is in good condition Questions about this or any cameras on this page can be sent using the following link.


Kodak Brownie Starmite camera  $25.00 or best offer
The above camera is a Kodak Brownie Starmite. It is in good condition. Any question on this or any other cameras can be directed to my email using the link below or above.


Polaroid One Step BC Series camera   $35.00
The camera above is a Polaroid One Step Land Camera. This is a nice 1979s vintage light weight plastic camera with the rainbow color stripe and is of the BC Series. The camera is in very good condition and is for sale at $35.00 or best offer.




Nikon Nikkorex 8 Movie Camera $75.00
The above pictures of my fathers Nikkorex 8 Movie Camera. This camera was made in Japan and has an opening viewing sighting lense on the right side (facing the back of the camera) , a Nikkor 1:1.8  f = 10mm front lense, and an adjustable ASA distance setting on top. There is a remote port on the right side (but no remote) and a few other dials that I am not sure what they do. There is also a nilon carying strap and a leatherett case with zipper. It is for sale at $75.00 or best offer.



Kodak EK6 Instant Camera. $20.00 or best offer
The Camera above is a Kodak EK6 instant camera which uses Kodak instant Film PR 10. It has an adjustable focusing lense, a print control switch and an outside, inside and portrait selection switch. The camera comes in its original box and the EK8 instant camera mamual. Everything seems to be in good condition. This camera is for sale at $ 20.00. or best offer.



The above camera is a Polaroid Land Camera Swinger Model 20. The camera is in good condition but the rubber eyepiece is damaged on the lowere left side, and the case is cracked in a couple places and the latch is broken off but in the lower latch half. There is a red adjustable focus and darkening knob on the top right. The camera is complete and usable. It is for sale at $15.00 or best offer.


Above is a nice ARGUS side mount flash attachment. I do not have the camera that it fits on. The bottom unscrews for the insertion of batteries and is for sale at $10.00 or best offer.