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1977 MGB Roadster

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This is my British stuff page so the 1977 MGB is the one that I drive around in during the warmer months. It is presently for sale. My 1977 MGB Special Edition fits easily in the very good condition category (NADA guide at so these cars have a solid place in the collector car market. It has had new stuff put on from time to time, such as a new alternator and oft top on the car in 2010.This 1977 MGB was gone over pretty well in 2004 when I replaced the inner and outer rockers from Moss Motors and any metal that needed it and a reasonable paint job was added. This is a MGB Special, so originally it had a MGB decal (silver)running horizontally on each side and a luggage rack. I chose not to put the decal stripe back on, but I do have the new un-installed MGB side decals. There is NO rust on this car. The car looks and runs well. This MGBs has a Missouri Title and there are antique auto plates on the car. The 77 is not required to have regular inspections, but it has been inspected prior to the new tags and all parts are up to safety standards for the year model. It has new clutch and brake master cylinders. The car is rarely used but I start it up regularly and run it around town. The engine is tight and doesn't burn any oil, although there is small seal leak at valve cover gasket. All systems but the clock work (it just stopped one day years ago) and I installed a new antenna for the radio, so the radio now works fine, but speakers could be upgraded. All of the other systems including the wheels, brakes and other safety systems are in good working order. The car runs and drives well and was used regularly last summer, but I have put very few miles on in the last twenty years. The car has about 104270 miles on it at this time.  There really is nothing quite like driving a real British sports car and the modern copies with all of their government mandated restrictions just don't compare. I do enjoy driving it on spring, summer and fall days and there seems to be more people who also enjoy working on and driving these classic cars. Summer is here so it is time to drive. This 1977 MGB Roadster Special is presently for sale. /font>

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