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Our 2008 Sunlite Eagle Window LB Truck Camper


CAMPER is not for sale at this time. The pictures below are of our 2008 Sun-Lite Eagle Window LB Truck Camper with me, Duffy and Tucker. We have two campers and while I like them both, we are not using the tow behind so I am planning to sell it.Since we only need one camper the 2005 Jay Feather is now for sale. It is in excellent condition. This camper has the Smooth Fiberglass sides, aluminum framing, refrigerator with freezer, microwave, gas heat, upgraded extra 1 1/2" insulation in the floor, dinette/bed combination, reinforced dinette table brackets, storage under Queen bed over cab, Fan-Tastic Vent, Quick Load Tie downs, Custom rear step with box storage for the barbecue grill, cutting board over 3 burner Suburban Stove. The windows on the front and right side and the soft top windows all open. The top goes up using a crank on the inside so you can put it up in the rain from inside. The Fantastic fan makes cranking the top up easy. The sides are a distinctive aluminum diamond plate design that adds a quality look to the camper. This camper is light, and with our truck is very easy to drive. There is very little wind and top heavy feeling while driving this rig. We installed the Quick Load Tie Down System and they make the loading and unloading much easier. There is no toilet, but we use a portable toilet that fits under the bed. There is no air conditioning, but the fan moves a lot of air and we have found that we don't need it. This camper is like new, with many items like the stove, water tank and heater, and furnace not even yet used. It is a lightly used, clean unit with non smoker owners and everything is in excellent condition.



The photo below is of the custom rear step. The deck is varnished wood on a steel frame with a gray steel box for the barbecue grill and a crate for a spare propane gas canister. I usually keep the auxillary electric cord in this box with the grill. The steps fold up while driving and the whole assembly fits into the trailer hitch mount. The picture was taken at Carbuncle pond in RI.


The picture above shows the camper under its overhang and the rear step and storage  boxes. Below the step assembly is easily seen.



Above is a photo of our set up at a campsite in Indiana (I think) and below in Ohio (I think).



Above we are set up at a campsite in New York in Oct of 2010.


The above shot is of Duffy and me after a days drive.


The top goes up easily with a crank and gear system that works easily and even with all of the rain lately, the inside stays dry. There is a cedar lined wardrobe beside the combination refrigerator and freezer.


There is storage in the forward right cabinet and the lower compartment (under the microwave) beside the water tank. There is storage for blankets under the queen sized bed over the truck cab. There are two large cabinets at the top of the rig on each side and many smaller inside cabinets. You can also store things between the truck bed and camper by the wheel wells with access from inside the camper or from doors at each side of the rear of the camper.


Below is a close up of the three burner stove and sink in the kitchen area.


While we enjoy the ease of driving this camper, it is somewhat small. However it seems to be the camper that we use. This camper is great for one or two people and it is easy to use. It has even worked well with our two large dogs.

The photo at the left is of the kitchen area showing the stove, sink and furnace. Because the door is only in the lower area, the rig is a lot more rigid and since there is no side stress the outside door opens and closes easily. Getting in and out is easy, particularly with the rear step deck in place. The one below shows the area at the right rear of the camper with the light for reading in the corner. I enjoy sitting here at the end of a long drive. Sometimes, if I am alone on a trip, I don't even put up the top, and find it quite snug and comfortable.


This is a picture of the kitchen area with a three burner Suburban Stove with the sink to the left. There is a wooden cutting board that fits on the stove, between the stove top and the metal stove top cover, that is not shown.

This is a Pendaliner under the rail bedliner that will fit a Ford F 150 long bed pickup truck. It is for sale at $50 or best offer




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