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1967 MGB has been sold

This 1967 MGB Roadster project car has been sold. This car does not run and is not drivable. New Moss Motors rockers and floors (about $900 worth of parts with receipts) were finish welded in during 2011 and 2013 at my liesurly pace. The car ran when I parked it about 25 years ago, and it has been sitting in a garage or my barn ever since (I squirt oil in the plug holes from time to time), and it turns over by hand. This is one of the more desirable years for MG, because it is the latest model year right before emission controls, without any emission controls. The engine is a 1971 high compression engine that was rebuilt before I got the car, and there is no mileage on it since that time. This is the last of the strong MGB engines in the US. It has twin SU carburetors, and a four speed trans, aluminum hood, no damage to any panels, wire wheels, new windshield not yet installed and still in the bubble wrap with many additional new parts. I believe that it is complete, although some small parts could be missing since I moved it from Rhode Island to Missouri in 1994. The car is disassembled and needs the restoration to be completed, but work is well on its way and the car is a good candidate with many newer parts still in the box. Many more pictures and information on this car can be seen on my web site at . This car has a Missouri Title, and is being sold as is, not running, as a restoration project. The engine and transmission are out of the car while engine bay work was done. I can take more pictures if you need to see a particular item. This 1967 MGB is presently off the market, but that does change from time to time. The sale will be cash with the buyer supplying transportation. If you have any questions email me or respond as per web page information.
For information and pictures of the 1967 MGB, please scroll down the page to the car. The1967 MGB Roadster has been one of  my present project, but I am working on an old dyer dhow among other things. There is a lot of work done already on this 67, and there are many new parts that come with the car. Since my 1971 Triumph Bonneville has been sold and given me a little more room in the barn, perhaps I can spend a little time on the old MG. I recently added more new parts from Moss Motors for both the 67 and 77. Getting to work on the car has been slow. This 67 MG has most of the metal work is done with new inner and outer rockers, floors and panels welded in and primed. The engine has been pulled the engine compartment cleaned and mostly repaired.  The body is about ready for priming. This 1967 MGB has been sold

For the 1967 MGB pictures and information, please scroll down the page to the car. My 77 MGB is presently off of the market. It is one of my summer driving machines. The MGBs are not only fun to own and drive, but they are holding their value very well. The pre 69 models seem to be the most desirable. The first four pictures below are of my 1977 MGB which is not for sale. Please scroll down to see the 1967 MGB.


These four pictures are of my 1977 MGB which is not for sale. Please scroll down for pictures of the 1967 MGB which is for sale.





1967 MGB Roadster Project Car has been sold




1967 MGB has been sold These are pictures of my 1967 MGB project car. The top two pictures Right and left, third below it (right), the pictures of the floors, trunk and engine bay are as the car looks today (May, 2015). This 1967 MGB had new Moss Motors rockers and floors tacked in about 25 years ago about $900 worth of parts with receipts while the Moss Motors rockers and fender panels were recently finished and welding in. Most of the metal work is done with only minor work remaining. This car is complete and comes with the original and many new parts, including a new windshield (not yet installed and still in its shipping bubble wrap), all of the new rubber for the windshield and side windows, most of the broken or missing metal and plastic parts (like window roll up handles, side curtain hinge tail lights etc.),and many other parts. The car ran when I parked it about 25 years ago, and it has been sitting in my garage or barn ever since (I squirt oil in the plug holes from time to time and the engine turns over easily by hand). I believe the transmission is OK although shifter is stiff but movable through sitting, and I believe both the engine and transmission will require a rebuild. I believe the car is pretty much complete, but it has been moved from New England to Missouri, so some small parts may be missing. The car has both the old style bows for the top that you assemble and a newer style top that can be just pulled up. The vinyl top is the one that I recently took off of my 77 MG and is in fair condition. This is one of the more desirable years for the MGB because it is the latest model year right before emission controls. It has a 1971 high compression engine in it that was supposedly rebuilt before I got the car(I saw it running before I bought it). There is no mileage on it since that time and I never registered the car but rebuilding is required. I bought it to have a ten year difference between my two MGBs and now finally am in the procass of restoring it it. However, my body tells me that it is not interested in doing much more car work. The car has twin SU carburetors and a four speed trans and aluminum hood. It is now mostly prime waiting for fairing and a full primer coat. The car is now mostly disassembled, and the next step would be to remove the wind screen, Paint, install the new window and rubber seals, then perform the complete assembly. This car has paperwork for it's original car number and it's vin number and comes with a Missouri Title. This 1967 MGB roadster project has been sold


The above picture is of the right rear quarter with the panels welded in. In this shot the primer painting is  not yet complete. Below is the 1967 MGB interior and dash prior to disasembly. Note that there is no radio.



Above are some of the loose parts that will go back into the 67 MGB.  These are older shots of the car parts so now the side panels and floors are welded in, the engine is removed, and the wnd screen will soon be removed.  The car is mostly complete, but some items such as the the radio are missing. The white stuff to the left of the pile is the new windshield that is still in its original shipping bubble wrap and will go in later.

Below is the left side with seats removed to show the inner rocker panel work. Of course both sides have all inner and outer rocker panels. There are no floor rugs with the car. I will hopefully get some more updated shots of the car shortly.


Below is the right side floors prior to finish work.


Below is a view of the trunk interior after finish welding and priming. The trunk had no real damage and only fine surface rust, and it cleaned up for priming quite easily. Only a few small spots required welding.


Below is a picture of the engine bay with its 1971 engine prior to engine removal this summer. The engine bay has had welding done around the top of the wheel well areas and has been primed and has one coat of red applied at this time. The bay still needs minor finish work in the lower areas.



The above picture shows the engine bay as it looks today July 10, 2012. The engine and parts are stored in my shop area.


This 1971 Triumph Bonneville has been sold. It was the bike that I drove when I hit the road on a bike. It looks good and runs excellent. The bike was originally white and gold but was changed before I bought it to silver. I don't know why the change, because the tank and everything else indicate that there has been no damage. I guess the guy just didn't like gold and white. The motorcycle engine has been recently maintained by Independent Cycle in Sedalia MO. This fine fun bike has been sold.