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1971 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle has been sold


This 1971 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle is located in mid Missouri. If you have any questions about this bike
 you can reach me on my email at

EI have owned this Triumph 650 T 120 R since 1989 when I bought it in Rhode Island. It had low mileage when I bought it and since we moved to Missouri in 1994 I have ridden it very rarely. It has just under 20,000 miles at this time. It looks good and runs excellent, and was tuned last fall. Tires were new two years ago and are like new. Tank was etched and sealed professionally two years ago. This bike is a very good looking and riding machine that has strong value ratings in the both the NADA and Hagerty guides. The bike has been inspected regularly but now has historic vehicle plates, so inspection is not necessary. Everything is in working order and the bike is titled in Missouri. Be aware that the old Triumphs have the brake and shifter on a different side than more modern bikes. It has been stored inside since I have owned it. 


This 1971 Triumph Bonneville has been sold. It is the one that I used to drive whenen I hit the road on a bike. It looks good and runs excellent. The bike was originally white and gold but was changed before I bought it to silver. I don't know why the change, because the tank and everything else indicate that there has been no damage. I guess the guy just didn't like gold and white. The motorcycle engine has been recently maintained by Independent Cycle in Sedalia MO. There are only minor replacements necessary (like the speedometer and tachometer rubber), but it is road ready and registered and I ride used to it from time to time in good weather.





I can be reached for any questions at my email at 

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